I write to understand and to be understood. Accordingly, I learn and teach as I write. Therefore, I am a writer and teacher whose purpose is to express and embrace my authentic self.

As part of embracing self-expression, I have accepted the responsibility of self-definition and added “Well-to my surname, Redd, to indicate:
1) the place where Jesus and I were reacquainted (John 4:1-42),
2) the truth of my wholeness in Christ (Matthew 25:23),
3) my commitment to breaking generational curses,
4) my commitment to my healing, and 
5) my calling to write.

In summary, my mission is to empower people to love themselves and God. My intention is to live my mission by loving myself and God authentically. In addition to my website, my books reflect my mission and intention and are available for purchase via Amazon Kindle.

Thank you for your time. Peace.